Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging is Conspicuous by its Absence-both in the Hostels and in the Campus of   DAV College, Jalandhar. Stringent Punishment in the Form of huge fine and even Expulsion from the College act as deterrents to ragging. The Principal and the Members of Anti-Ragging cell are always vigilant and the Campus is totally free of Ragging. 

Anti Ragging What is Ragging?

  • Any act resultingin:
  • Mental/Physical/Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Indecent Behaviour
  • Criminal Intimidation/Wrongful Restraint
  • Undermining Human Dignity
  • Financial Exploitation/Extortion
  • Use of Force
  • Each of the above is a criminal offence

A Student Indulging in Ragging can be:

  • Expelled From the Institution
  • Banned From the Mess/Hostel
  • His/Her Scholarship can be withdrawn
  • Denied Admission to any Institution
  • Prosecuted for Criminal Action
  • Institutions have been asked to file FIR with local Police Against those who RAG/ABET Ragging



Join Hands to make yours Campus Ragging Free