When children step out to another city for study, myriad apprehensions capture the parents about their health, food, accommodation, environment, safety and security. We, at DAV College Jalandhar understand how difficult it is to let children go away from home and so, we have created adorable hostels to provide them an optimum ambience to homely feelings.

The institution has five Hostels, three for boys and two for girls. Rooms available in each Hostel are:

  • Lakhpat Rai Hostel  —  175 rooms
  • Mehr Chand Hostel —  198 rooms
  • Sports Hostel (Boys) —  14 rooms
  • Girls Hostel (Old) —  103 rooms
  • Girls Hostel (New)  —  38 rooms



  • Modern facilities like geysers, water coolers, 24 hour power back up, well maintained water supply system and washrooms, RO filtered drinking water etc. make the hostels quite suitable for a healthy stay.
  • Well-equipped Health Care Centre and medical emergency services are predominantly available for the students. Some multi-specialty hospitals of the city are also located within one km. radius of the college campus.
  • College Hospital Doctor visits Hostels as and when required. One Staff car is ever-available to Hostel students for any type of Emergency. Some Super-speciality Private Hospitals are also located within one km. radius of College campus.
  • Each hostel has its well-maintained lush green lawns.
  • Owing to the desirable location of the college, general stores, shopping centers, banks and ATMs, stationary hubs are at a stone's throw distance from the Hostel.
  • Students have a good access to wi-fi system in the hostel premises to operate their laptops and mobiles.
  • Some of the rooms have been provided with ACs and attached Bath Rooms.
  • M. C. Hostel has a Yagya-shala where HavanYajna is performed on Sundays.
  • Round O’ clock security system is in place for all hostels. A humble discipline imposed by the hostel wardens and superintendents also ensures the safety of the students.
  • Hostels have their own independent water supply, Tube wells and power back-up of Generators. Water Coolers with aqua-guard water filters have been placed in Hostels. Geyser facility is also provided in each Hostel during the winter season. Girls Hostel is fittest with solar water systems also.

Food and Mess

  • Each Hostel has its Healthy & Hygienic Mess and Canteen.
  • With a focused priority to hygiene, the hostel's mess ensures a neat and home like ambiance in the kitchen and dining area.
  • Vegetarian, simple and homely Indian meals made with fresh ingredients make a healthy and pleasurable diet.
  • Different varieties of food are provided according to a set weekly schedule, discarding monotony and ensuring varied nutrition intake.
  • Canteen offers numerous cafe snacks and packed foods are also available within the hostels. 


  • There is a Common Room in each Hostel with all important indoor games in it.
  • Each Hostel has been provided with LCD television set and Music System.
  • Hostel students participate and conduct their extra-mural activities. They make the best use of college Auditorium-cum-gymnasium, Open-Air-Theatre, Yoga Centre and Play Grounds.
  • The Common Room in each hostel is the perfect recreational hub with a LCD screen and music systems to enjoy and relax.
  • The reading room adorned with myriad magazines and newspapers ensure a peaceful atmosphere to refresh and rejuvenate. The students also have convenient access to the library.
  • The auditorium cum gymnasium, open air theater, yoga center and playgrounds, which are at a very comfortable distance from the hostels, are always available for the hostellers to care for their fitness and, also hone their talents by easy participation in extra mural activities.
  • With exclusive ‘Golden Nights’, theatre plays and festival celebrations the students enjoy some unforgettable moments with teachers, fellows and hostel staff every year. This fosters respect, bonding and mutual understanding.

Holistic Development

DAV College Jalandhar has always aimed for a holistic development of its students, making them competitive with modern knowledge by imbibing in them strong human and cultural values. In its hostels too, it provides an ambience that promotes collective well being and fosters a spirit of cooperation, respect, and bonding. The hostel functionaries, executing their duties with utmost devotion, ensure a peaceful environment conducive for study and a child's moral and cultural development. With regular organization of festivities and competitions, the students get to sharpen and show their talents, and in the process acquire mutual respect and understanding, especially when the college is known to accommodate students from varied regions, cultures and backgrounds. A secure atmosphere wherein ragging and bullying are absolutely banned, the students learn to live a life that is disciplined, dignified and in accordance with the AryaSamajethics that make them exemplarily good humans.

Healthy and peaceful corporate living

A healthy and peaceful corporate living is an art which one acquires by learning rather than by instinct and its pre-supposes creation of rules and regulation which all should respect and honor. It should be understood that perfection of human life lies in restraint and self-control. Discipline is the most important element in one's individual and social dealings and its need in such a big hostel as ours cannot be over-emphasized. It is a matter of pride and pleasure that our students have established high traditions of discipline and we expect that the new entrants will not only maintain but also improve upon these glorious traditions.